Why cardboard recycling baler?

The benefits of using cardboard recycling baler

1. Recycling the cardboard can free the space, these cardboards and cardboards commodities like cardboard boxes will take up a lot of spaces. It’s hard to have a neat storage place if all the cardboards are in different shapes and sizes. But if you can have a cardboard recycling baler then you can have all the cardboards and cardboards products be pressed into density rectangular bales which will both save space and have neat storage.

2. The cardboard recycling baler will create a safer work environment. As we all know, the process of cardboard recycling will need a lot of human labor if you don’t have a cardboard recycling compactor. And the workers will easily get injured during the cardboard recycling process, but a baler can make a difference. If you get a baler to do the cardboard recycling, then all you need to do is to press the buttons and the baler also have safety system which will prevent you from getting hurt.

3. The cardboard recycling baler can save the time and human labor at the same time and the operation quality is higher than the manual. That’s why the efficiency and productivity of the cardboard recycling can be greatly improved.

Some types of cardboard recycling baler from SKBALER

SKBALER is a Chinese manufacturer and we devoted to the cardboard recycling business by providing different types of cardboard recycling balers. You can always find the right cardboard recycling baler here in SKBALER. If you have big demands and have large operation space, an auto tied horizontal baler like HAT110125T150 will be perfect for your application in cardboard recycling. But if you don’t have enough space and budget to have a large horizontal one then chooses the vertical one like VLD8060T20 which will take up less space and have lower price. We have a series of cardboard recycling baler differ in sizes and shapes, call or email us directly for more choices.