Waste newsprint baling machine

What is waste newsprint baling machine?

Waste newsprint is made of paper. You know that waste paper can be reused and become new products. As newsprint is very common in our daily life, if we handle them in a wrong way, it will affect the appearance of our city as well as waste the natural resource. Hence, a waste newsprint baling machine is quite necessary. By using a waste newsprint baler, it will greatly reduce the size in storing and transporting, which make the waste newsprint easy to handle. Meanwhile, recycling waste newsprint can provide new work opportunity.

Waste newsprint compacting baler for sale

SKBALER has a complete line of pressing machines for different materials. Capacity varies from kilos to tons. As the newsprint is common material, all the baling press can compact the newsprint into high dense bales. You can choose a small vertical waste newsprint compacting baler or the auto-tie horizontal baling press. And which model do you choose, it depends on your volume, labor cost and budget. Moreover, SKBALER baling machine can customize the bale size and bale weight based on your specific demands.

Manufacturer of waste newsprint press machine

Generally speaking, the single ram hydraulic waste newsprint press machine from the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and some other developed countries are much more expensive than that in China because the raw materials and labor costs are not the same. Our factory SKBALER is specialized in supplying the baling compactor with reasonable price for decades. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact SKBALER today, our sales representative will assist you any way we can.