Waste baler

What is waste baler?

Waste baler is a versatile baling machine used for the compression and easy disposal of waste. If we dispose the waste improperly, it will severely pollute our environment. Therefore, a waste baler is greatly helpful in disposing the waste. That’s because the waste baler can significantly reduce the volume of waste. Transport the waste bale is much cheaper than bulky waste.

Where to buy a waste baling machine?

Selecting a suitable waste baling press is too important. You will have a lot of headaches if you purchasing a poor baler. Thera are some reputable brand of baler suppliers in China. For instance, SKBALER is a leading manufacturer in producing the waste baling machines for decades with a competitive price. Our factory provides sales and professional service. Moreover, quality is our first priority. All our baler machines are strictly manufactured according to CE/ISO standard. For example, the steel of machine body structure adopts the top brand Bao steel in China. All the baler machines will be tested before delivery. Normally, SKBALER recommend a bit oversize baling machine in case you have an increasing demand in near future. Of course, it is recommended in the basis of you have some space to put and really has an expanding need.

Waste baling press in SKBALER

SKBALER has a variety of waste baling presses for option from mini size waste compactor to horizontal waste baler. Mini waste baler is ideal for small space and low height facilities. It requires low budget as well. However, if your plant has a large volume a day, SKBALER will suggest you the horizontal waste baling press. This machine comes with pit conveyors for large volume waste feeding which can greatly improve your work efficiency. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and sales in SKBALER will assist you any way we can.