Vertical waste paper baler

What is vertical waste paper baler?

Vertical waste paper baler is one of SKBALER’s most popular down stroke baler machine which is in great use for disposing waste paper, cardboard or carton. It is an ideal equipment for waste recycling facilities, paper manufacturing plants, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, printing facilities and others that generate massive waste paper. This type of baler machine can reduce waste storage area, making waste processing operations easier as well as save transportation and labor costs because the volume reduction is approximately 12:1 after compressing paper wastes.

How does vertical waste paper baler machine work?

Vertical baler is an essential component to any recycling program as it enables recycling operation to pack large amounts of recyclable material into a much more compacted shape which allows easier storage and shipment. Vertical waste paper baler machine in SKBALER compress waste materials with a vertical downward force. Once the chamber is filled, the gate will be closed and the hydraulic ram moves towards to the floor to compress the recyclable waste paper. This process is repeated again and again until the chamber is full. Lastly, tying up the compacted bale with baling wire and ejecting it from the machine chamber.

Benefit of vertical waste paper baling press

Vertical baling machine can be used in the places while horizontal baler cannot because vertical type takes up less space which allows it to be easily used in wider variety of applications. Meanwhile. vertical baler machine can compress almost all types of common materials as well as requires much less costs. If you have any interests in our vertical waste paper baler machine, welcome to contact SKBALER in China now.