Vertical tire baler machine

What is vertical tire baler machine?

There are a lot of waste tires generated from cars, trucks, jeeps, and bicycles etc. These waste tires take you large spaces and quite difficult for you to move as its high rebound nature. Hence, a tire baler machine is necessary. You can use the tire bale compactor to compress the waste tires into high dense bale, which makes them easy to transport. Waste tire has some applications. For instance, they can be used to produce valuable materials like rubber powder, rubber pellets, etc. So, if you are in the business of tire recycling, the vertical tire baler machine our factory supplied is great for you. This type of baler can press all common wastes like waste tire, cardboard, PET bottles, plastic film, etc.

Which model of tire baling machine do you recommend?

Our factory has a professional team in produce the tire baler. Different volumes need different type of tire baling compactor. Here I recommend you vertical baler compactor model VLD1576T60, which is designed with lifting door. As it is easy for feeding and saving space. Ideal for pressing the waste tires. This vertical tire baling press machine adopts standard bale size 1500*760mm with 60ton hydraulic power, which can get bale weight up to 600kg for waste tires.

Are you a manufacturer of vertical tire baler press?

Of course, yes. SKBALER is the leading factory in China with competitive price for tire baling press machine. Our tire baler is hydraulic and powerful, it has electric system which makes it quite simple to operate. To know more about tire baling compactor, Welcome to contact SKBALER for your disposed tires solution.