Vertical PET bottle press machine

Why do you choose PET bottle press machine?

PET bottle is one of the most popular recyclable materials in the world, but these waste bottles take the recycler’s too much places. So, press the empty PET bottles into bale is quite necessary. This important step not only save storage space but also prevent our live planet from getting polluting.

Single cylinder hydraulic press machine for sale

As you know, in different countries, even different regions. The raw materials and labor costs are not the same. Generally speaking, the single cylinder hydraulic press machine from the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and some other developed countries are much more expensive than that in China. Our factory SKBALER is specializes in manufacturing the baler, after many experiences in baler industry, we have our own models for application and output with a competitive price.

Which model do you recommend?

PET bottle baling machine model V1280T60 our factory offered is a vertical single ram baler machine. It adopts standard bale size that is 1200*800mm with the pressure power 60tons, which can get bale weight for PET bottle up to 400kgs. This series also can press cartons, papers, cardboard, plastic film, aluminum cans, etc. Meanwhile, our compactors can be customized according to your relevant requirements. Welcome to contact SKBALER for your pressing solution.