Vertical liquid extraction baler

What is vertical liquid extraction baler?

Vertical liquid extraction baler combines perforation and draining in one system, which provides a safe and efficient way to compact unqualified or out of date products. The durable, space-saving design makes it is widely used by intermediate-size bottling plants, brewers and beverage distributors etc.

Main features of vertical liquid extraction baling machine

Vertical liquid extraction baling machine in SKBALER designed with stainless steel for the places where liquid may be touched that greatly improves its service life. All doors of the equipment are completely sealed during the baling process which ensures no water coming out during the pressing process. There are many sharp, tough spikes on the inner wall and inner bottom for releasing water out. Meanwhile, this type of machine has a big liquid storage tank located below the machine and the liquid can flow into a draining system. Vertical liquid extraction baler also has a durable conveyor as an option for easily feeding.

How does vertical liquid extraction compactor work?

Vertical liquid extraction compactor compresses bottles or cans with a vertical downward force. Firstly, feed beverage or liquid containers into the baler, a full-light indicator will tell you when the chamber is full. Then the downward moving ram begins its motion to compress. When the ram stops its motion, the baler machine should be turned off and the door opened to manually tie off. Lastly, eject the finished bale and store it until collection. If you are looking for a vertical liquid extraction baler, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China, who manufactures all kinds of water extraction baler machine as per customer requirement.