Vertical linen baler machine

What is vertical linen baler machine?

Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant which is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments as well as for bedding because of its lightweight, strong, absorbent and dry fast properties. Vertical linen baler machine is a recycling machine used for compressing to reduce the size of bulky linen for easy handling and transportation.

Vertical linen baling press machine in SKBALER

There are different types of baler machine in SKBALER for you linen baling purpose. Vertical linen baling press machine is also popular as lifting chamber baler. It is specially designed for getting an economical, efficient baling and recycling solution for such material because it makes tying and wrapping bales much easier. Meanwhile, the pressing chamber can be lifted which makes the bale after compacting looks neat and beautiful while has no material spattering when press.

Which model of vertical linen baler do you recommend?

I recommend model of VLC9050T50 which adopts 900*500mm bale size of 50ton hydraulic power and can get bale weight up to 140kg. The lifting chamber design allows to tie up the bale with an outer plastic cover vertically & horizontally which is suitable for baling clothing, wool, fiber, cotton, textile etc. If you have any interests in our vertical linen baler, please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will assist you any way we can.