Vertical fiber baler machine

What is vertical fiber baler machine?

Fiber is a very common and healthy material which can be used to make various products such as mattress, nets, etc. As you know, fiber is a very bulky material, which occupies a lot of space. Hence, a fiber baler machine is greatly important and necessary. It can compress the loose fiber into clean and high dense bales, makes you save transportation costs and storage spaces. The vertical fiber baling compactor plays an important role in fiber recycling industries. It makes the loading and unloading much easier. Without a fiber compacting press, the fiber products must be extremely expensive. So, a vertical fiber baling machine our factory SKBALER offered is ideal for you.

Fiber pressing compactor in SKBALER

Our factory SKBALER supply you from small to large fiber balers. For instance, a vertical fiber baling machine with two doors opening can get bale weight from 50kg to 500kg with hourly capacity of 2-3bales. However, if you have a large volume, a horizontal fiber pressing baler with auto tie is great for you which can achieve hourly volume up to 10tons. When we selecting a suitable baling machine, the first thing is to consider our volumes. Different balers depending on different volumes. The second is a vertical fiber baling press is much cheaper than horizontal fiber baler, and takes smaller footprint as well. Hence, a vertical fiber baler machine is good for startup factories.

Who need a fiber baling press?

The one who is in the business of fiber recycling. No matter it is for inland transportation or overseas transport. By compressing, the loose fiber materials can be handled very easily. However, the most important factor is that it can help you to make more profit. Our factory SKBALER also provides custom-made solution according to your specific fiber baling requirement. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.