Vertical baler for corrugated cartons

What is old corrugated carton?

It refers to OCC in the industry, which consist of used carton box, container or other packaging material. Corrugated carton is a valuable material in the worldwide for packing many different types of products to transport easily. Generating a variety of corrugated cartons everyday as these corrugated cartons are widely used in our daily life. In the basis of this situation, how to recycle them? So, a baler for corrugated cartons is quite necessary.

Which baler for corrugated carton do you recommend?

Corrugated carton press machine is a baler which can compress the old corrugated carton into a dense bale. Take an example of supermarket or cardboard factory, they will generate a lot of old corrugated cartons which are bulky materials. By compressing them, it will help you save spaces. For different volumes, our factory SKBALER has vertical OCC baler and horizontal old corrugated carton baling machine. The vertical OCC baling machine is suitable for various companies of small volumes. This type of machine can reach 600kg bale weight with dual ram. The hourly capacity is around 2-4 depends on one labor efficiency. However, I suggest you the horizontal old corrugated carton baling machine if you have a large volume waste.

Are you a manufacturer of OCC baler?

Yes, our factory SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the carton balers for many years. We have different kinds of corrugated cartons balers with competitive price. The OCC baling machine is high quality and powerful. It has an electric system which makes it quite simple to operate. We also provide custom-made solution based on customer’s requirement. So, please contact SKBALER today.