Vertical aluminum can baler machine

What is aluminum can baler machine?

Aluminum can is a disposable container for packaging which is made of aluminum. It is mainly used for food and beverages such as spam and soup but also for products such as oil, chemicals as well as other liquids which becomes the largest single use of aluminum in the worldwide. Aluminum can is made with recycled aluminum that means it definitely can be recycled when they are out of service. Vertical aluminum can baler machine plays an important role in dispose them for ease of handling.

Vertical aluminum can baler press machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a leading baler supplier in China who has various baler machines in our plant for your different demands. Waste aluminum cans are normally in irregular shape and loose condition which is quite difficult for you to dispose. Vertical aluminum can baler press machine in SKBALER can compress aluminum can into much smaller size as well as regular shaped bales for efficient handling because of its high compression ratio. Moreover, vertical type is a manual baler machine which requires lower price as well as smaller place area compared to horizontal version makes it is ideal for start-ups.

How to recycle aluminum cans?

Recycling center collect aluminum cans from various sources then deliver them to the treatment center for the next step for shredding into smaller pieces. The machine will get rid of the coating with ink and melt the smaller aluminum pieces into ingot. The ingot can be used to produce different kinds of new aluminum products. If you have any interests in our vertical aluminum can compactor, please feel free to contact us now.