Various feeding methods for baler machine

When you try to use the baler machines to bale no matter what kinds of the materials, the first steps always to put the materials into the baler chamber to start the baling process. Manual feeding is time-taking and need a lot of the human resources at the same time. To save the cost and improve the efficiency, many businesses man who focus on the recycling would like to choose other ways to finish the feeding job. And here are some major ways of the baler feeding methods.

1. Conveyor

A conveyor can easily help transferring the materials into the baler, and normally there will be a hopper which connect to the feeding opening of the baler machines at the end of the conveyor. And at the beginning of the conveyor will be a pit to help getting the materials into the conveyor. The conveyor feeding will greatly save a lot of time and energy, the hopper and the pit can reduce the materials from leaking in the most during the feeding process.

1) Metal Chain Conveyor

The metal chain conveyor is one type of the normal conveyor, the metal chain conveyer will take larger spaces and also more heavy than other types of the conveyor. Hence, the metal chain conveyor will suit the large horizontal balers more.

2) Inclined Belt Conveyor

The inclined belt conveyor will take less spaces and less in weight, it can be used for small types of different horizontal balers. And correspondingly, the inclined belt conveyor will cheaper than the metal chain conveyor.

2. Human feeding

This is the original way of feeding, but this kind of feeding method only suit for the small vertical balers and low volume of recycling. If your target is to get the high capacity and high productivity than don’t choose the manual feeding.