Used sponge baler machine

What is used sponge baler machine?

Sponge is a tool made of soft and porous material which is widely used in people’s daily life, such as cleaning, packaging as its especially good at absorbing water, and its flexibility and sound-absorbing properties. However, used sponge is very difficult to handle due to the porous and fluffy nature which occupies a lot of space area and is not easy to store, package and transport. Luckily, a used sponge baler machine is greatly helpful which can help you to press the loose used sponge into dense bales and easy for you to handle.

Benefit of used sponge baling machine

Used sponges were normally treated by incineration and landfill in the past. The method not only cause air pollution but also require higher cost. With the development of human awareness of environmental protection, people start to recycle used sponge and use them to make some other new products. And a used sponge baling machine plays an important role in recycling used sponge. By using a suitable baling machine, our city become more and more beautiful. People can save a lot costs in storage and transportation of this bulky materials. In other words, people benefit from a used sponge baling press machine.

Which countries have you exported?

Caribbean and Mediterranean and some developing countries are the largest sponge exporters, and the largest importers are developed European and North-American countries. And our used sponge balers have exported to Cuba, France, Greece, Japan, Philippines and so on which has good feedbacks as well. Meanwhile, our factory can produce the used sponge baling press according to your specific requirements. To know more about baling machine, welcome to contact SKBALER for your recycling solution.