Used shoes baling press for sale

What is used shoes baling press?

Used shoes also named second-hand shoes which are out of fashion or have been worn. There are various used shoes generated each year. Almost all of them can be reused but as you know that it requires too many costs in dealing with these large numbers of bulky used shoes. Luckily, a used shoes baling press can greatly help you a lot with the development of recycling technology which can compress these bulky materials into especial density bales for much easier disposal.

Advantage of used shoes baling machine

Actually, people can recycle them when the shoes are no longer wearing and these second-hand shoes can be used to make new products. Moreover, people realize that they can make money from recycling used shoes. More and more people start to do the shoes recycling business which not only increase employment opportunities but also decrease the pressure to our environment. The most important is that by using a suitable used shoes baling machine, it becomes much easier to transport the high-quality shoes to the poor region for people to reuse them.

Used shoes balers for sale

SKBALER is a professional baler supplier with mature experiences and our used shoes balers have exported to the USA, Canada, Spain, the UK, Singapore, Japan who are doing such business, and also achieved good feedbacks from them. Our factory has several types of used shoes balers for your option. Here I recommend the lifting chamber baling machine which can wrap the compacted bales due to its lifting chamber design which means it can keep the shoes in good condition during transportation. We also have other types machine for baling used shoes, if you want to know about our balers, please contact us, sales will assist you to recommend the most baling solution for you.