Tire Baler Machine for Sale

For selecting the right tire baler machine, firstly, you need to know which kind of tires you’re going to press. The tire baler machine from SKBALER can press bicycle tires, car tyres, and even truck tires. The hydraulic power ranges from 100ton to 180ton. This is the biggest baler machine in our vertical baler ranges. It is multi-functional, for example, it can also bale cardboard, waste paper, pet bottle, plastic, and other common scraps. In short, this vertical tire baler machine can bale every valuable waste material. In SKBALER, we have horizontal closed end baler for press all types tires as well. Normally it matches with a steel chain conveyor for feeding. This ranges are much higher capacity for the used tires.



What are the benefits for using tire baler machine?

Firstly, it can reduce the transport cost. As we all know that these car or truck tires take lot of space at the facilities. After pressing, the space will reduce dramatically. The bale weight ranges from 800kg to 2000kg. Hence, you can load much more bales than the loose tires. If you go with container load, it’s big saving for the shipping.

Why choose the tire baler machine from SKBALER?

The tire baler machine manufactured by us are heavy duty, stable and durable quality. They have been tested by the market. SKBALER is a professional baler machine manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance in a global basis. Welcome for your inquiry if you have any baler machine requirement.