The recycling of different shopping bags

With the development of the economy and life quality, we trend to shopping more during our leisure time. When you finish your shopping process and come to the cash counter, the cashier will normally ask you “would you need a shopping bag?” or “there are a lot of types of shopping bags which one do you need?” The number of shopping bags is growing at a fast speed, many people just simply know how to reuse these shopping bags but still don’t realize the recycling of these shopping bags. Recycle all these massive shopping bags is quite difficult, but some helpful tools can be used during the process of shopping bag recycling. The most useful tools must have been the baler machines, it can compress the shopping bags into dense bales to ease the further procedures and also save the labor and cost in most ways.

Different types of shopping bag recycling baler from SKBALER

There are a lot of shopping bags derived from various raw materials, and it is hard to list them all. So here are the two species of baler machines for the major types of shopping bags.

1. Plastic shopping bags recycling

For the recycling of plastic shopping bags, I truly recommend the VLD8060T20 which can produce 800*600*250mm bale with 20 tons hydraulic power. The sliding door will simplify the process of manual feeding and further saving a lot of human labor and time, making the whole baling process much efficient.

2. Paper shopping bags recycling

Personally speaking, the V604010 will be a perfect choice for the paper shopping bags recycling. The V6040T10 don’t have such strict request on the operation space, it can be used in almost everywhere like your back room, you garden and etc. If you want to start recycling the paper shopping bags or other paper products at your home, then just get yourself a V6040T10 right now.