The precautions of operating the vertical balers

Balers as the most useful tools in the recycling process, obviously draw a lot of attention from the public. However, some people still don’t know or don’t realize there are some things and precautions need to do while operate the vertical baler machines. And here are some useful and vital precautions you need to focus:

1. Make sure all the baling materials are qualified

When you want to use the vertical balers to bale something, please make sure the materials are recyclable and in a pressable shape or condition. Take the cardboard as an example, you can’t bale the wet and the oil or stained cardboard via the vertical balers.

2. Check inside and outside of the vertical balers

Before you start plug the electricity, please check both the inside and outside of the vertical balers. Every part of the vertical balers needs to be checked, if there are any problems, fix it immediately and don’t use the vertical balers until the problems are solved.

3. Unplug the vertical balers after using

Every coin has two sides, the electricity does give us a more convenient life, but it will bring some danger sometimes if we don’t properly use it. So, make sure to unplug the vertical balers after using it and plug it until you need to use it.

4. Don’t do the things that be forbidden on the instruction

The instruction is equipped with every vertical baler, don’t forget to read it carefully when you want to operate the vertical balers. Many incorrect and mistakes are present on it, you need to avoid these wrong behaviors. For example, the bales weight is on a fixed interval, don’t try to make overweight bales.

5. Safety issue

Last but not least, safety is always be put on the first place. When you operate the vertical balers, wear gloves or other protective equipment to keep yourself away from danger.