Textile baling press machine for sale

What is textile baling machine?

Your factory generates a large number of leftovers from textile. Thus, the lifting chamber baler machine is designed and produced. The leftovers can be packed into bales, and the size of the bales can vary depending on the model. The bales can be wrapped up easily on all sides and do cross trapping to make them tighter, and protect the bales from getting damp and stain. For just a few leftover materials or a great deal of them, our factory SKBALER can meet your baling demands.

Advantages of vertical used clothing baler

The textile baler is controlled by electric button, which means the machine can process fully automatic after you press the start button. Meanwhile, the lifting chamber baler machine equipped with upgrade fuel tank, which makes the oil temperature rise slowly, it can extend the clothes baler’s service life. In additional, don’t forget to fill up the hydraulic oil before use.

Which models do you recommend?

Our factory SKBALER specialized in manufacturing the used cloth baler for many years. For bale weight of 45kg, 50kg, 55kg and up to 100kg, the lifting chamber baler machine model VLC7040T30 is suitable. For bale weights like 200kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, our plant has other big models available. So please contact SKBALER to find your most suitable baler machine for textile.