Textile baling press in China

Brief introduction of textile baling press

Textile baling press is also named lifting chamber baler machine, baler machine for used clothing, textile baler, etc., It is a clothing baler which can compact the bale weight up to 250kgs with a compress force up to 63 tons, and bale size of 1100*700mm with the cycle time is less than 32 seconds. With the help of clothes baler our factory SKBALER supplied, you can easily wrap up the bales on all sides. After compacting the bale is tighter which makes us simple to handle.

Benefit of used clothing baling press

This type of clothes baler takes a little space and height. It’s movable. Whether you have just a few second-hand clothes or a large number of them, this vertical used clothing baler is suitable. It can efficiently press and decrease the volume of the loose garment. The most important benefit is that only one person can operate safely and easily. Meanwhile, the pressing chamber can lift, makes the bale after pressing looks neat and beautiful, there is no spattering as well.

Are you a manufacturer in China?

Of course, our factory SKBALER specializes in manufacturing second-hand clothing baler with a competitive price for many years. Our textile baler has exported to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Our factory also provides custom-made solution according to your specific requirement. So, contact SKBALER to find your most suitable lifting chamber baler machine.