Strapping baler vs Bagging baler

Difference of strapping baler and bagging baler

Strapping baler is the most common baling machine in baling industry which can be either steel wire baler or plastic tapes baler. You can tie the compacted bales with strapping materials such as steel wires, plastic ropes or ropes for compacted bales, Of course, you can choose to bag them with plastic bags or woven bags instead of strapping for some special materials, such as wood dust, corn silage, and shavings. Different packing method depending on the different type of balers and materials.

Strapping baler and bagging baler in SKBALER

Strapping baler is a kind of compacting machine which use baling wires to tie the final bales while bagging baler is compress the materials into a bale then eject the compacted bale into bags. Strapping baler can be vertical or horizontal with manual tie which is tied by labor and is suitable for the common materials as well as small volumes. Auto tie strapping baling machine is for large volumes which can greatly improve their work efficiency. SKBALER is a reliable manufacturer of strapping baler machine and bagging baling machine in China. You should keep in mind selecting a poor baler will bring you too many troubles. SKBAKER is your best choice if you are in the business of recycling.

Manufacturer of strapping baling machine and bagging baling machine

Thera are some reputable brand of baler manufacturers in China. For example, SKBALER is a leading supplier in both strapping baler machine and bagging baler machine with competitive price. SKBALER has many strapping compactors for different application. Taking waste bottle balers for example, you can choose small size baling machine for PP straps while fully automatic baling press for auto tied with steel wire. And you can choose either plastic bags or woven bags for bagging baling machine which depends on the materials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling machine for you.