Stevia leaves baling machine

What are stevia leaves baling machine?

Stevia is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute which is mainly planted in Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia leaves have the properties of no calories, no carbohydrates as well as little bitter after tasting which makes them widely used to sweeten tea and beverage. As stevia leaves are in small size and in loose status. It’s impossible to handle them easily without an equipment. Fortunately, a stevia leaves baling machine can in greatly help.

Which model of stevia leaves baler machine do you recommend?

SKBALER has various baler machine in our plant for sale with years research and innovation. Stevia leaves baler machine in SKBALER also known as bagging baler which can control the moisture of the stevia leaves because of its bagging design. As you know that too little moisture causes dry and lose its nutrition while too much cause spoilage. Taking our heavy-duty horizontal bagging baler compactor model HBM-T140 as an example, it adopts bale size of 430*310*600mm with 140ton total hydraulic power, the bale weight varies from 20kg to 50kg, it is ideal for baling and bagging such material.

How to operate stevia leaves baler?

SKBALER is dedicated in producing baler machine for reducing the volumes of stevia leaves. Our stevia leaves baler is quite easy for you to process which designed with two hydraulic rams. One is for compressing while the other one is for ejecting. What should you do is move the materials into the hopper, press the start button, then the machine will start to bale and eject. Lastly, bag the compacted bales by the plastic or woven bags at the bale exit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.