Square baler machine for sale

What is square baler machine?

Square baler machine is a compact machine designed to produce square bales to ensure easy transportation and storage. As you know that square bales are much more convenient to load on the truck or container which can increase the loading capacity and this is another way to save costs.

Square baler machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is one of the leading press machine factories in China who has over 100 models of vertical balers and horizontal balers in our product line. Our square baler machine can continuously achieve square bales because this type of baler machine can push out the bales automatically. Moreover, square baler machine comes with a higher hydraulic pressure which can press the materials into much higher density bales compare to common balers. It also has a conveyor for option for large volumes feeding which will greatly improve your work efficiency.

Square baler machine for sale

SKBALER has a professional team to analyze the baling press and our square baler machine is one of the most popular industrial baling machines in the market. All the components of our balers adopt the top brand, such as the steel of machine body structure uses brand Bao Steel in China. Our brand baler machine has at least one year of guarantee period and technical support for the whole life. So, if you are looking for square baler machine supplier, please contact SKBALER today. We will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling press for you.