Some tips about the textile recycling

An introduction about the textile recycling

Textile recycling is the process of recovering fiber, yarn, or fabric reuse or reprocessing the material into new, useful products. Not all the types of textile recycling have the same procedures, some types of the textile will have some unique parts during the recycling process. The classification of the textile mainly depends on the fibers that the textile contains. According to the way the fibers are produced, there generally have two types of the fiber, one is the natural fiber and the other is the artificial fiber.

1. Natural fiber

Natural fibers are the fibers that are produced by geological processes, or from the bodies of plants or animals. Cotton fiber, flax fiber, wool fiber, silk fiber all come from the natural plants and animals.

2. Artificial fiber

The artificial fiber also called as the synthetic fibers, the fibers made by humans through chemical synthesis, as opposed to natural fibers that are directly derived from living organisms. The daily products used fibers like nylon fiber, polyester fiber, acrylic fiber and polyolefin fiber are all artificial fibers.

Textile recycling baler from SKBALER

SKBALER offer a wide range of textile recycling baler from horizontal baler machines to vertical baler machines and I am sure you will always find a proper baler here. The popular one is the VLC7040T30 among our textile recycling baler. You may curious about why the VLC7040T30 can stand out in all the textile recycling baler, the truth is the special chamber that the VLC7040T30 has make a big difference. The VLC7040T30 is a lifting chamber baler, as the named, the chamber can be lifted up and down through the buttons on the panel. The lifting chamber will greatly ease the strapping process, you can cross strapping the bales to confirm the density while other baler machines only can one-way strapping the bales. If you want to purchase a textile recycling baler, you really should take VLC7040T30 into consideration, don’t wait to contact us to get one.