Soft plastic baler machine

What is soft plastic baler machine?

Soft plastic is popular as plastic film, plastic bag, and so on, as they have wide applications in our daily life such as bubble wrap, packaging material, trash bags, grocery bags, etc. A large uses lead to a lot of waste. However, this soft plastic material cannot biodegrade, so it’s really a big problem. Not only contaminate the soil and water, but also difficult to remove. Hence, strong measures are taking in the worldwide. A soft plastic baler machine is helpful. By using a soft plastic baler machine, the soft plastic can be easily transport.

Soft plastic baling compactor in SKBALER

Our factory SKBALER has a professional team in analyzing the soft plastic baling press. Vertical single ram soft plastic compactor machine adopts standard pressure from 10ton to 60ton hydraulic power, which can get bale weight for soft plastic up to 260kg. Ideal for pressing plastic film, cartons, paper, cardboard, plastics bag, solid wastes, and so on. For large amounts, the auto tying baling compactor of model HAT5050T40 is perfect, which adopts bale size of 500*500mm with 40ton hydraulic power. The hourly capacity can reach up to 2ton per hour for common recyclables.

Where to buy a suitable soft plastic press baler?

When you plan to purchase a soft plastic press baler, please make sure it is a reputable supplier. SKBALER is a professional factory in manufacturing the soft plastic baler for decades. So, when you’re purchasing the baler in China, you can take SKBALER into consideration. Our plant has both vertical and horizontal compressing baler. Moreover, all our soft plastic baler machines can be made as per customer requirements. For example, the bale size, machine color, automation levels etc. Welcome to contact SKBALER and we will recommend the perfect baling press for you.