Soft drink bottle baler machine

What is soft drink bottle baler machine?

Soft drink is a type of drinks that usually contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. It normally packed by a soft drink bottle which is produced from PET plastic. Nowadays, more and more people like to drink soft drinks because of its good taste. However, how to dispose the bottles when they are empty is a huge issue. As you know this type of materials are lightweight as well as occupy too many space areas which makes you cannot handle them easily. Hence, a soft drink bottle baler machine is greatly needed as it can compress such materials into high density bales for ease of handling.

Horizontal soft drink bottle baling machine in SKBALER

With years research and innovation, SKBALER has various of baler machine in our plant for your option. Horizontal soft drink bottle baling machine in SKBALER also popular as closed end baling machine which is super ideal for large quantity light weight and hollow materials as its high compressing ratio. This type of baler machine has the function of continuous baling and ejecting functions during its process. This advantage also attracts many users because it can greatly improve their work efficiency. By using our horizontal soft drink bottle baling machine, it will not only make profit for you but also reduce environmental pollution as well as save resources.

Are you a manufacturer of soft drink bottle compactor?

Yes, SKBALER has a professional team in research and produce soft drink bottle compactor. All the machines adopt top brands in China which makes you have nothing to worry about when you choosing us. Meanwhile, you must know that purchasing a baler in Chinese market is much lower than some developed countries as the labor cost in China is cheaper. So, if you have any soft drink bottles baling demands, please feel free to contact us now.