Soda Bottles Baling Machine

What is soda bottle baling machine?

Soda bottle baling machine is also popular as horizontal closed end baler. It is the mostly suggested model to compact soda bottles. As you know that we consume a large number of soda drinking bottles every day in the worldwide, especially in the summer. Soda bottles are mainly made of PET or aluminum. Fortunately, all these materials can be recyclable. So, using a soda bottle baling machine is ideal for handling these waste soda bottles. By recycling, waste bottles can be reused which is good for the environment, and we can make money as well.

Soda bottle baling compactor in SKBALER

When you plan to purchase a soda bottle press baler, please make sure it is a reputable supplier. SKBALER is a professional supplier in manufacturing the soda bottle baler for decades in China. This type of baling compactor has a unique design of output door which makes the bale density is much higher than other horizontal balers if they’re in same hydraulic pressure. It can get 550kg bale weight or even higher bale weight with hourly capacity around 4 bales.

Manufacturer of soda bottle compressing baler machine

SKBALER offers a variety of compressing baler machine for different demands. Whether you have a large amount or small volume, our factory has over 100 models for your option. From vertical to horizontal type, it aims to process various volumes. Furthermore, our plant also provides custom-made solution according to your specific baling request. Hence, contact SKBALER today to find your most suitable press machine for soda bottles.