Small scrap metal baler

What is a small scrap metal baler?

Small or mini scrap metal baler is designed for low volumes of ferrous and nonferrous metals. It can be divided into vertical and horizontal metal balers. Vertical metal baler is affordable for all types customers, while horizontal metal balers are suitable for medium to large volumes.

What aspects should be considered when buying a mini metal baler machine?

First of all, you need to consider how many types of metals you’re going to compact. For example, if the large materials like aluminum extrusions, long metals etc., are included. For this type, we need to consider horizontal metal balers. The small scrap baler can press aluminum cans, metal chips, metal trims etc. Secondly, the feeding way into baler chamber. Normally, we can feed by conveyor, vacuum system (cyclone or separator) and also manually. Finally, we also need to consider the bale size, bale weight, automation level, hour capacity footprint, and budget etc.

How to operate a small metal scrap compactor?

Our mini metal press machines are easy to operate. Press the start button and feed the baling chamber with materials, then press auto cycle button our compactor can press ahead and back fully automatically. The bale ejection can be made with manually or automatically. Welcome to contact SKBALER if you need to buy a mini metal baling press machine.

To view below working video of small metal scraps baler machine