Small hay baler in China

What is small hay baler?

Small hay baler also popular as mini hay baling machine which produces small bales that can be lifted by one person and is designed specifically for the small-farm hay operation. This type of baling machine is well enough for everyday agricultural use which can achieve small bales for ease of handling and minimize the storage space as well.

Small hay baling machine in China

There are many hay baler suppliers in the worldwide which makes you difficult to find a suitable baling machine. SKBALER is a reliable small hay baler manufacturer in China who always take quality as our priority and our baling machine has proven in excellent quality and professional service. Our small hay baling machine equips with an in-built scale, so it can help you to control the bale weight according to your requirement which can achieve compressing and bagging in one machine. What you need to do is feeding the materials. Moreover, the bagging design for this type of baling machine is perfect to protect the compacted hay from rain, snowfalls and other climate which is widely used in the baling industry.

Benefit of small hay press machine

By using our small hay press machine, you can easily process the hay as this type of press machine can compress fluffy hay into high density bales for easy storage and transportation as well as keep them in a high-quality level. Moreover, our small hay press machine can produce bagged hay with fixed weight like 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and up to 25kg. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about hay baling machine. Our sales will assist you and recommend the most suitable hay baling solution for you.