Small footprint baling press machine

What is small footprint baling press machine?

Small footprint baling press machine is a mini sized waste management device used for compressing materials into dense bales for ease of handling which has steel chamber with a pressing plate that runs up and down to press the wastes inside. It also refers to mini baler or small vertical baling machine. It is widely used in places where has limited space area and height, like on a vessel, distribution center, hotel, supermarket, store and restaurant etc. and the use of this type of baler machine is increasing year by year.

Advantage of small footprint baling machine

The strong technical background of our experts allows us to present high performing machines to meet customers’ different demands. Even though small footprint baling machine is a small size baler, it can compress almost all types of materials. Actually, it is also a versatile baler which can comes with high compaction. Meanwhile, this type of baler is movable, you can move it to any places where you wanted and this advantage attracted many users. It requires much lower price compared to other types and maintenance is lower as well.

How does small footprint baler work?

Our small footprint compactor is quite simple for you to operate. You can fill your materials into the baler chamber and a full-light indicator will tell you when the chamber is full. Then the pressing plate will go down to press the materials into tight bales after pressing the start button. Then you can move the compacted bales to the destination. If you want to know more about our small footprint baling press machine, please contact SKBALER today.