Small baling machine for sale

What is small baling machine?

Small baling machine also named mini baler. It occupies little space and most of them are vertical balers which is popular in small sized recycling facilities. Basically, small baling machine is a multi-purpose type baler which is suitable for pressing waste paper, household garbage and industrial waste as well as other common materials.

Small baling machine for sale

With years research and innovation, SKBALER has more than 100 models of baler machine in our plant for the different demands. Our small baling machine is a manual equipment with single ram and it is very simple for you to operate which makes it becomes one of the most popular baling machines in the market. It is widely used in factories, vessels, hotels, tourist attractions and residential community because of its small sized and versatile features. Moreover, the machine weight is within 1000kgs as well as bale weight can be minimum of 15kg makes it is easily to take away by labor.

How to operate small baler machine?

Our small baler machine is in one button operation that means it doesn’t need any professional knowledge to operate. You just need to feed the waste materials into the chamber by labor and a full-light indicator will tell you when the chamber is full. Then the pressing plate will go down to compress the materials into density bale after pressing the start button. Lastly, you should move the compacted bales to the destination by yourself. If you want to know more about our small baler machine, please feel free to contact SKABLER in China.