Small baler of plastic film

Message: Looking for a small baler in our logistic warehouse, mostly for plastic film.
Can you send me the prices of your range of baler machines?

What is a small baler of plastic film?

To recycle plastic film in a low volume and small bale weight, we need a mini-sized baling machine to get this job done. It is an industrial recycling equipment. However, it can be made with 3 phase or 1 phase for the smallest model V6040T10. For single phase plastic film baling machine, it can be applied for personal using where don’t have access to 3 phase power.

Do you have big baler machines to recycle plastic film?

Yes, for different volumes of films, we could suggest a manual or automatic baler machine. With a vertical plastic film baler, basically you can press up to 1ton per hour. However, you can recycle up to 6 tons plastic film per hour with our horizontal auto tie baler. Hence, welcome to contact our sales with your specific recycling requirement.

A working video of our small plastic film baler machine.