Single phase power baling machine

What is single phase power baling machine?

Single phase power baling machine is a waste recycling machinery which operates on a single-phase power supply that makes it is easy to install in a wide variety of environment. Single phase power baling machine is also popular as mini baler or mono baler machine which is capable of handling a wide range of materials quickly and safely. This type of baler machine is extremely easy to handle because of its small size.

Single phase power baler for sale.

Thanks to our dedicated workers with years of experience, SKBALER can provide the best single phase power balers in the whole market. This type of baler constructed to service users with small amounts of waste, but it is suitable to handle almost all type of common materials. This equipment designed with wide filling opening that allows you to feed materials easily and conveniently while the efficient retainers hold compressed material down. Moreover, the compacted bale can be tipped out automatically which greatly improve work efficiency.

How does Single phase power baling machine work?

Single phase power baling machine in SKBALER is quite simple for you to operate. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full after you fill the wastes into the baler. Then the pressing plate will go down to compress the materials into density bale. Now it’s time to tie off and eject the finished bale. Lastly, remove the bale and store until collection. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.