Single chamber baler machine

What is single chamber baler machine?

Single chamber baler machine is also popular as single box baling machine, lifting box baler, etc. From mini press compactor to heavy duty dual ram baling press, single chamber baler machine is always the basic and most popular design due to its simple and easy operation. Compared to the horizontal baling press, single chamber bale press is much more cost effective in purchasing price, also requires little places and limited height. It is an ideal for pressing most of the materials, such as clothing, garment, wool, fiber, cotton, and textile etc.

Benefit of single chamber compacting baler

As its lower price and small footprint, single chamber compacting baler is widely used in the market, especially for the startups. SKBALER is a professional compacting baler supplier serving clothing sorting and baling companies. Our plant can meet you any specific demands. All our single chamber compacting baler are strictly manufactured according to CE/ISO standard. Every baler machine will be tested before delivery. The most important is that all the loose materials after compressing can be handled easily, save transport fees and storage spaces, and improve your work efficiency.

Single chamber pressing compactor for sale

Our factory has many experiences in producing single chamber pressing compactor for decades with competitive price in China. About single chamber baler machine, there are a wide variety of models available. Some with double hydraulic rams, for greater pressure power. Meanwhile, all our baling machines can be customized according to your specific requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact SKBALER now, our plant sales representative will discuss with you and recommend the most suitable single box compactor for you.