Short fiber baling machine

What is short fiber baling machine?

The most common type short fiber is glass fiber and carbon fiber which is widely used as engineering materials. As the short fiber has a lot of uses and many people are in the business of recycling the short fiber. The short fiber also named staple fiber which is quite fluffy and light weight makes it difficult to handle. In terms of productivity and reliability, a short fiber baling machine in SKBALER is ideal for you which can help you compress short fiber into high density bales and makes you can transport them easily as well as keep them neat and beautiful.

Short fiber baling press in SKBALER

SKBALER is one of the leading short fiber baling press factories in China. The short fiber is a highly efficient recycling machine which can pack the bulky materials into dense and regular shaped bales, and this lifting chamber design makes short fiber from beginning to end can be well packed and sealed. Moreover, the short fiber baler comes with electric button control which makes it quite simple to operate. The whole process can be fully finished in less than 32 seconds. The most important benefit is that it can greatly decrease storage space as well as labor costs.

Manufacturer of short fiber compactor

SKBALER has a professional team to analyzes the short fiber balers. The most common balers for compressing short fiber in SKBALER is lifting chamber baling machine which can not only allow you to use straps to tie but also wrap the compacted bales with plastic bags. If you have any questions about short fiber balers, please contact SKBALER now and we will recommend the most suitable press machine for your recycling.