Shampoo bottles baling machine

What is shampoo bottle baling machine?

Shampoo bottle is a clear plastic material used for holding liquid shampoo which is made from HDPE. This is a heavier plastic container and it has good impact resistance so can be recycled for reuse. As you know that almost all the family and public bathhouse use shampoo every day and so many uses lead lots of empty shampoo bottles generated. These valuable HDPE bottles will end up in landfills if you dispose them in an improper way. Hence, a shampoo bottle baling machine is quite needed as it can help you greatly reduce the volume of the bulky wastes and save valuable storage space as well.

Benefit of shampoo bottles baler

HDPE shampoo bottles can be used to produce various new products and this is one of the most popular materials in the recycling industry. By using a suitable shampoo bottles baler, firstly, it can help you to keep your work area clean and neat. Secondly, more and more people start to do the business of recycling shampoo bottles which can not only provide job opportunities, but also reduce the waste stream discarded into the landfill. Thirdly, you will save a lot of costs in handling as well as decrease costs in delivering and storing the shampoo bottles.

How to operate the shampoo bottle compactor?

SKBALER is a professional baler manufacturer in Chinese baling industry and we have a team specializes in analyzing the shampoo bottler compactors. We have vertical and horizontal shampoo bottler in our plant, both of them are quite simple to operate. For vertical version, you should move the materials into the chamber and press the start button. About horizontal shampoo bottle baler, you only need to press the start button and the machine will finish the whole process automatically which is for more efficient baling purpose. So, if you are in the business of recycling, please feel free to contact SKBALER today. Our sales will provide the professional recommendation for you.