Semi-automatic horizontal paper baler machine

What is semi-automatic horizontal paper baler machine?

Semi-automatic horizontal paper baler machine is a semi auto recycling machinery used for pressing various material, such as waste paper, carton, cardboard, etc. This type of baler machine is a good option for facilities that handle no more than 2 tons of waste per hour and with low labor costs as well. Almost all steps are automatic, like feeding, compressing, bale outlet door opening and closing as well as bale ejecting only the compacted bales should be tied by labor.

Features of semi-automatic horizontal paper baler

As a reputable baler supplier in China, balers in SKBALER have been very stable and durable in actual production as years of research and improvement. It is electric controlled that means it is operated by one button or switch to fulfill platen moving and bale ejecting which makes you can easily operate. The hydraulic closed end door ensures dense bale while can lift up automatically to let the bales come out which promotes operation efficiency as well as increases output. Semi-automatic horizontal paper baler also has automatic bale ejecting system that enables labor-free bale ejecting. In addition, this baler comes with an automatic feeding conveyor as an option to continuous feeding which greatly improves feeding speed.

Who need semi-automatic horizontal paper baling machine?

Large number of waste paper are generated every day and a semi-automatic horizontal paper baling machine is the right way to go which can help you to dispose them easily. It is an ideal manageable size reduction machine for cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, printing facilities, distribution centers, packaging factories, etc. So, if you have any waste paper baling demands, please feel free to contact SKBALER now.