Semi-automatic baling machine

What is semi-automatic baling machine?

Semi-automatic baling machine refers to closed-end baler which are ideal for businesses that produce big size of recyclables. It comes with large hoppers and need to load by some other automated method rather than by labor. It is widely used in the logistics, recycling and manufacturing facilities to process large amounts of waste materials such as OCC, plastic film, PET bottle, hard plastic and tire, etc.

Semi-automatic balers in SKBALER

SKABLER is a Chinese brand baler manufacturer who specialized in supplying semi-automatic horizontal balers and this type of balers are ideal for processing medium to large quantities of waste material. It can process up to 2-5 tons/h of wastes depending on the kind of material. Our semi-automatic baler is done with tying by labor but highly efficient at producing density. It can help you reduce the input costs and greatly increase your productivity and profits.

Features of semi-automatic baler press

Our semi-automatic baler press is one of the most popular baling machines in the market which has exported to many countries, like Greece, Spain, Andorra, Slovenia, Serbia, Luxembourg and so on. The heavy-duty baler machine body makes sure only flat floor required for its installation and the heavy duty closed-end design is ideal for much more tighter bales. This type of baler also adopts high-quality hydraulic valves with top brands which ensures the running of the machine continuous and stable. If you want to know more about our semi-automatic baling machine, please feel free to contact us.