Semi-automatic baler for plastic film

Case study:

We’re planning to set up a new plastic recycling facility and we might receive the plastic waste in loose forms; hence, we need a semi-automatic baler to be fed into our recycling machine in a more consistent & higher loading.
Please advise a plastic film baling machine with conveyor, with capacity two capacity: 1 ton/hour and 2.5 ton/hour.
Also, please send us some drawing of the machine & videos for our review.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Recommendations from SKBALER China:

We suggest our horizontal closed end baler model HCE1170T60, which is a semi-auto baler machine. It can press all common plastics like pet bottles, plastic film, HDPE, LDPE etc. The compacted bale will be tied up by labors. Equipped with a conveyor belt or pit chain conveyor, customers can achieve automatic feeding. The hourly capacity is around 1-2 tons per hour for plastics.

Do you have other baler models to press plastic film?

Yes, for different volumes, we could suggest a vertical or horizontal baler. With a manual baler, basically you can press up to 1ton per hour. However, you can recycle up to 7tons plastics per hour with a horizontal auto tie baler. Hence, welcome to contact our sales with your specific requirement.

Working video of our horizontal closed end baler for pressing plastics

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