Scrap bundle press machine

What is scrap bundle press machine?

Scrap bundle press machine is also known as scrap bale baling press or scrap baling machine which is used to compress waste or scrap into bundles. It is an important size reduction machine in transportation and storage period. Scrap bundle press machine can be vertical and horizontal baler which depends on the volume, footprint, material and budget. By using a suitable scrap bundle compactor, it not only creates new work opportunities, but also contributes to the environmental protection and natural resource saving.

Who need scrap bundle balers?

There are many scrap bundle balers suppliers in the worldwide, SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the scrap bundle balers in China which has proven in excellent quality and professional service. Recycling sites, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, supermarket, even vessels are need and willing to purchase scrap bundle balers which can help them save costs in storage and transportation as well as increase work efficiency. In other words, these end users can make profit from purchasing scrap bundle balers from a reliable baler supplier, like SKBALER.

Scrap bale compactor in SKBALER

SKBALER has a wide range of scrap bale compactor in our product line. You can always find your baling solutions in SKBALER. You have several selections for one kind of scrap materials. Taking scrap paper balers for example, mini scrap paper baler is ideal for vessel as it requires little space while mill size baling press is suitable for supermarket because the baling output is enough. And a semi-automatic horizontal baler is great for a recycling center while the auto-tie machine is the right choice for large distribution center. So, if you want to purchase a suitable scrap bale baling machine, please contact SKBALER now, our sales will do the right recommendation to you.