Save Your Valuable Space with A Drum Crusher

Make room for more valuable things~

The empty oil or paint barrels take up a lot of room. A drum crusher can render assistance to save your space. The drums height after compressing by SKBALER Drum Crusher is around 80-130mm. Amazing compressing capacity! Make them easier for stack and transport.

SKBALER Drum Crusher

SKBALER’s vertical drum compactors are the industry standard for professional recycling a variety of drums. They are small-sized balers, can be easily moved into positions.

Auto control model, safety interlock. Simply put the drums into press machines then press the electric button. In addition, independent emergency stop button can stop the machine at any time. Display screen shows the working statute for inspecting.

Our VDC -T10 is 1000 x 980 x 1990mm, weighs 450kg. The feeding opening size is 600 x 470mm. VDC-T10 is 10ton hydraulic power.

VDC -T40 is 900 x 925 x 2600mm, weighs 900kg. The feeding opening size is 1015 x 760mm. VDC-T40 is 40ton hydraulic power.

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