Rice husk bagging baler machine

What is rice husk bagging baler machine?

Rice husk also named rice hull. It is the outer shell of the rice which produced form rice milling industry. In the worldwide, it generates about 140 million tons of rice husks. In the basis of high volumes, how to recycle them is quite important and necessary. This outer shell of the rice has some applications. For instance, they can be used to produce the fiber boards for building materials, animal feeding, bedding material, and fuel etc. Hence, a rice husk bagging baler machine is required, it can help you to press the loose materials into small bale which is convenient for you to handle.

Features of horizontal rice hull bagging baler machine

Our factory SKBALER specializes in manufacturing the horizontal rice husk bagging baler machine for many years with competitive price in China. The heavy-duty automatic rice husk bagging baler model HBM-T180 we offered adopts bale size of 430*310*750mm with 180ton total hydraulic power. It is ideal for pressing rice husk, sawdust, shavings, peanut shell, corn silage, cotton, straw, textile etc. The bale weight varies from 20kg to 50kg. In addition, this type of bagging baler comes with conveyor for your option, which is convenient for you to feed the materials. And the automatic bagging press machine has PLC controlled system, which is easy for you to operate. Furthermore, this type of horizontal bagging machine has a cooling system, it can help the machine to cool down, extend the baler’s service life.

Who use automatic rice husk packing press machine?

The recycling factory in many countries like the Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia etc., are in business of recycling rice hull, sawdust, shavings, peanut shell, corn silage, etc. By using bagging machine, the recycler can make money as well as protect our earth from getting pollution. So, let’s start our recycling business now. For further information, Welcome to contact SKBALER for your rice husk baling and bagging solutions.