Rags Baler Machine Made in China

The horizontal scale weighing baler, because of it’s specific recycling purpose, also get the name like rags baler, rag baling machine, and rag packing press machine etc. It is widely used for baling waste materials like textile, rags, used clothing, and wipers.

Fixed bale weight of rags baling machine

In the industrial market, there are 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg as standard of bagging balers. To achieve this, the bagging baler always equipped with a scale weighing system for the actual bale weight. By using our bagging balers, the industrial wipers shall be nicely baled. And the bale size also can be customized accordingly.

Structure of rags bagging baler machine

It consists of heavy-duty steel structure with hydraulic and electrical system. One button push will make the press plate go ahead, and side push plate will eject the bale while labor will pack the compacted bale. The bagging baler machine also equipped with wheels, so it’s very easy to move into the right working place. The major components are famous brand like Yuken, Hallite, ZMTE, NSK etc. This ensures no hydraulic oil leakage. The electrical system adopts the brand like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron etc.

Wiper rags bagging baler machine in SKBALER

The rags bagging baler is a popular model in our product ranges. It’s easy to operate, ready to move at any time, and very low maintenance required. The multi-application of the bagging baler also is a shining part. If you have much bigger volume of waste materials to bagging, please visit our heavy-duty bagging balers for more details. This model normally can have bales weight like 30-60kg per bale.