Polycarbonate bottles automatic baler

What are polycarbonate bottles automatic baler?

Polycarbonate has an increasing demand year by year in the worldwide as it is long-lasting, impact-resistant and transparent. These properties make it a perfect material for baby bottles, refillable water bottles, sippy cups, and many other food and beverage containers. However, how to dispose them when polycarbonate bottles become waste? A polycarbonate bottles automatic baler in SKBALER is quite helpful which is a size reduction machine can press the waste polycarbonate bottles into density bales automatically. It plays an important role in the whole recycling process.

Polycarbonate bottles automatic baling machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is one of the leading polycarbonate bottles automatic baling machine factories in China who has over 110 models in our product line. For polycarbonate bottles, both vertical and horizontal baling machine are available for you to choose. And the automatic baler is quite popular as this type of machine can come with a conveyor or forklift for large volume waste feeding and it combines feeding, compressing, tying and ejecting in one machine which can greatly improve your work efficiency. However, a vertical baler is option since it has small footprint and low budget if you don’t have many polycarbonate bottles.

Polycarbonate bottles automatic press machine for sale

SKBALER is a professional polycarbonate bottles automatic press machine supplier in Chinese baling industry and we always take quality as our first priority. Our automatic baler is highly recommended for more efficient baling and labor cost saving which can handling the waste reach up to 20tons per hour. So, if you are in the business of polycarbonate bottles recycling. Please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will assist you any way we can.