Plastic measuring cup compactor machines

What are plastic measuring cups?

Some people may usually use the plastic measuring cups in their daily life. For the bakers and chefs, they often use the plastic measuring cups to measure the powders and other baking or cooking materials. For the students who need to operate an experiment, they normally need to use the measuring cups to measure the volume of the reagents. Not only the aforementioned functions that the plastic measuring cups have, but also a lot of other applications in different industries or in daily life. These various applications make number of the scrap plastic measuring cups a big issue that need to be focused. These scrap plastic measuring cups are in various shapes and it’s hard to be neatly arranged and these scrap plastic measuring cups will take up a lot of space in the recycling process storage as well.

The plastic measuring cup compactor machines

The plastic measuring cups are typically made of the polypropylene or the polycarbonate just like other types of the plastic products. So, the normal plastic recycling balers can be applied as the plastic measuring cup compactors. The plastic measuring cup compactors can help improving the productivity and efficiency by pressing all these loose and irregular measuring cups into dense and rectangular bales. The plastic measuring cup compactors not only ease the transportation or simplify the storage but also contribute to the whole recycling business and sustainability. Hence, it’s important to get one measuring cup compactor machine and there are wide options about the plastic measuring cup compactor machines, from the large horizontal ones to the small vertical ones. For recycling center and other large plastic recycling industries, the large horizontal balers will be the most suitable one. However, some individual people or business who don’t have such a big space to place a horizontal balers or large volume to recycle, then the small vertical balers will basically satisfy their needs.