Plastic film recycling baler

What is plastic film recycling baler?

Plastic film is a thin continuous polymeric material which is used in a wide variety of applications, such as packaging, plastic bags, labels, building construction, landscaping, electrical fabrication, photographic film, film stock for movies, video tape, etc. So many uses create large number of plastic film scraps generated and how to dispose them become a very big problem. A suitable plastic film recycling baler can greatly help you which provides a cost effective and practical solution to plastic film scraps.

Plastic film recycling baler machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a reputable baler supplier in China who has years of experience in producing the baler machines. Our plant has several types of plastic film recycling baler machine available and which model is ideal mainly depends on your volumes. Taking horizontal type for example, it has large feeder hoppers which adapted to gravity or belt conveyor automatic feed devices. That allows to pack more plastic films into each bale while the high-density bale will maximize storage as well as shipping efficiency which can help recycling company to generate maximum revenue. Of course, if you are start-ups, a vertical baler machine is the right solution for you because it requires lower budget as well as smaller footprint.

Features of plastic film recycling baling machine

A suitable plastic film recycling baling machine can produce density bales for loose materials that make waste processing operations easier as well as save labor and disposal costs. By compressing, it reduces material accumulation that means your workplace becomes neat and beautiful while improving its safety. If you are looking for a plastic film recycling baling machine, SKBALER in China is here. Looking forward to your inquiry.