Plastic bumper baler machine

Brief information of plastic bumper baler machine?

A plastic bumper is also popular as car bumper, vehicle bumper. It is a structure attached to the front and rear ends of a motor vehicle, which protect your car during a collision and passengers from getting injured. It is greatly used in our daily life. So, every day a large of waste plastic bumper generated if you discard these old vehicle bumpers everywhere. It affects the appearance of our city, and pollute the environment as well. Fortunately, most of vehicle bumpers are made of PP plastic, ABS. Both of them are recyclable. Hence, a plastic bumper baler machine is important and necessary. It can help you to press big volumes into dense bales, making them simple to handle.

Which model do you recommend?

SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the car bumper baling press in China. Here I recommend you the horizontal large size auto tie baler model HAT1111T100 which has a standard bale size of 1100*1100mm with 100ton hydraulic power. The hourly capacity is around 6-10ton. Ideal for compacting plastic bumper, hard plastic, rubber etc.

Features of horizontal plastic bumper compacting press

Our factory has a professional team to analyze the car bumper press baler for decades. This type of compacting press equipped with advanced auto tying system and PLC controlled system which improve your work efficiency. Moreover, the length of bales can be adjusted. The conveyor is optional as well. And the plastic bumpers pressing baler has a cooling system which can cool down the equipment, which can extend the vehicle bumper baler compactor’s service life. So, contact SKBALER now, to find you most suitable plastic bumper pressing baler.