Plastic bottles de-labelling machine

What is plastic bottles de-labelling machine?

In the past, the whole HDPE or PET bottles are directly fed into the granulator which will greatly decrease its purity because the raw materials of bottles and labels are different. It is also very difficult to separate the bottle flakes from label chips. Fortunately, we have plastic bottles de-labelling machine, it is a dispensable recycling equipment for HDPE or PET bottles which applied to remove the labels with a rate above 95%.

Features of labels removing machine

Labels removing machine in SKBALER adopts wear-resistant alloy steel blades. They are featured with durability and high hardness which will cut a mouth on the labels to peel off the labels easily. Plastic bottles de-labelling machine is a significant advancement in plastic recycling industry as it replaces removing by labor which greatly improve work efficiency. This type of equipment is suitable for mass production while oil pots, 2L bottles with handles are not allowed to enter. Moreover, the length as well as width can be customized according to your specific requirement.

Working principle of plastic bottles de-labeller

PET or HDPE bottles will be transmitted on the de-labeller by conveyor, then the sharp blades inside the machine will separate labels from bottles. The bottles will be pushed forward while labels are blown into the collection chute by a strong wind generated from fans motor. Labels removed bottles with different colors will be picked up by labor while the same-colored bottles will be collected for further processing by semi-automatic baler machine which can compress them for ease of disposing. If you want to know more about our PET bottles label remover machine, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China, who offers all types horizontal balers and their accessories.