Plastic bottle recycling baler machine

What is plastic bottle recycling baler machine?

Plastic bottle is used for holding liquids such as cooking oil, medicine, water, household cleaners, shampoo, milk, and etc. because of its strong and light features. And the size ranges from very small bottles to large carboys. However, how to dispose the plastic bottles when they become waste? As you know that plastic bottles are recyclable and normally in large quantities. It will be a big problem if you handle them only by labor. Fortunately, we have plastic bottle recycling baler machine. With the help of a suitable plastic bottle recycling baler machine, we can press the light-weight and hollow plastic bottles into high density bales which can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Plastic bottle recycling balers in SKBALER

SKBALER is a Chinese brand of plastic bottle recycling baler manufacturer. And the plastic bottle recycling balers in SKBALER is a size reduction recycling machinery with full compaction designed to press hollow plastic bottles into a density bundle. For plastic bottles, both vertical and horizontal baling machine are available for you to choose. And the horizontal baling press comes with a pit conveyor for large volume waste feeding which can greatly reduce the waste amount is ideal for the plant who has large volumes. However, I recommend you the vertical baling machine if you are start-ups or have small amount per day as this type of baler requires lower price and smaller footprint.

Benefit of recycling plastic bottles

By recycling the waste plastic bottles, you can use them to make new products, it will not only protect our environment but also make profit. So, if you are in the business of recycling plastic bottles, please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will discuss with you and recommend the most suitable bailing solution for you.