Plastic bottle baler machine

What is plastic bottle baler machine?

To recycle soda bottles, water bottles, and pet bottles, we always need a baler machine. It can press these recyclables into a higher density bale, which will save the storage space and reduce the transportation cost. Plastic bottles baler machine can be classified into vertical and horizontal type, which aims to process various volumes.

What are common bale weights of pet bottle baling press machine?

Plastic bottle baling machine that can compact a weight 350kg to 400kg is the most popular one. It can be done by a manual pet bottle baler or an automatic press machine. Generally, the manual baler can get 2-4 bales hourly, while automatic baler can get up to 10 bales per hour.

Different baling machine to recycle pet bottles at SKBALER

Horizontal Closed End Baler – this is the mostly suggested model to compact pet bottles in terms of bale shape. Due to the unique design of output door, the bale density is much higher than other horizontal balers if they’re in same hydraulic force. It can get 550kg bale weight or even higher bale weight with hourly capacity around 4 bales.

Horizontal Auto Tie Baler – this type can be installed with plastic bottles perforator to ensure the good compaction. The largest model like HAT110125T150 has three cylinders at the output so to have a powerful compaction. Thanks to the advanced auto tie system, it has a higher productivity than horizontal closed end baler.

Vertical baler machine – it is manual operated so the feeding and tying all done by labors. It can also get 550kg bale weight with our vertical dual ram baler. The hourly capacity is around 2-4 depends one labor efficiency, bale size, and bale weight. Vertical plastic bottles press machines are suitable for small recycling companies.

A working video of pet bottles pressing machine.

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