Pine shavings baler machine

What is pine shavings baler machine?

Pine shavings are one of the most popular bedding materials for horses, livestock, and outdoor pets because of their soft, comfortable, absorbency, cheap cost properties. In order to keep its high-quality, a suitable pine shavings baler machine is absolutely necessary which can automatically compress, eject and bag this type of material for easy storage and transportation.

Main features of pine shavings baling machine

Pine shavings baling machine in SKBALER refers to horizontal bagging baler which featured with PLC control with one button operation to keep the machine running smoothly and ensures uniform bales by horizontal cutters preventing it from being jammed at the feeding mouth. A sensor on the hopper will detect the materials feeding as well. It has strong structure which makes it reliable, stable and durable in the baling process.

How does pine shavings bagging machine work?

This is an automatic baler designed with two rams. One is for compression while the other is for ejection that means the compressed bale can be directly pushed out into the plastic bag or woven bag from the bale exit. You can get a much denser bale in a very short time and one or two people is enough for the whole operation. If you just looking for a pine shaving bagging machine, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China now.